Dear Target Protesters: You’re Fighting the Wrong Fight

Hey guys, I’m about to deliver some educated information to you all, and it might not be what you expect. Almost 20,000 child sex offenses were reported to the police in 2012, but only about 9,000 were actually put on trial. Even more shocking, “only three out of every hundred rapists will spend time in jail”.

  1. Across the United States, the average prison time for rape is between 8 and 9 years. In some circumstances statutes limit the amount of time off for “good behavior” a convict may receive. “
  2. “A study made by the U.S. Department of Justice of prison releases in 1992, involving about 80 percent of the prison population, found that the average sentence for convicted rapists was 11.8 years, while the actual time served was 5.4 years. This follows the typical pattern for violent crimes in the US, where those convicted typically serve no more than half of their sentence”

These statistics say one thing to me: that the many parents who disagree with the Target law have a legitimate concern. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I agree. I believe that Target is doing the right thing for its company,employees, and customers. That being said, these people are still worried about their children being kidnapped, assaulted, etc. Thats a legitimate concern for anyone on planet Earth. The fact that the bathrooms now allow trans people to use the restroom of their choice, not so much of a concern if you ask me.

My mother (hi mom I’m sure you’re reading this) has helped me with moving to a safe community by looking up the amount of sex offenders in the area where I could possibly move. My mother shouldn’t have to worry about this. Nor should any mother. The fact that so many sex offenders don’t even get jail time, let alone probation, worries me and many others. THIS is what you should be fighting to change to keep your children safe. These statistics are only some of what I found to share with you, and I’m sure its not the end of it.

LGBT+ people using the correct bathroom is not going to stop OR increase rapes, kidnappings, sexual assaults, etc. It is only going to make this marginalized group of people feel safe themselves because guess what.

  1. “The 2011 Injustice at Every Turn: A report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 12% of transgender youth report being sexually assaulted in K-12 settings by peers or educational staff; 13% of African-American transgender people surveys were sexually assaulted in the workplace; and 22% of homeless transgender individuals were assaulted while staying in shelters.”

Transgender people face WAY more sexual assault in their community than cis gendered people do. (For those of you who do not know what cis gendered means, its probably referring to you.) The fact that these people can use the bathroom (i.e. what every human deserves the right to do in peace) isn’t going to harm or put your child in danger. I can almost guarantee that a sex offender is not going to go out of their way to make themselves look like the opposite sex just to kidnap YOUR child. Calm down.

If anything, this post that I so kindly took the time out of my day to write should offer you some insight on the many things you could be fighting to keep your child safe. Not imposing on people different from you, but by putting the people who put you and your child at risk on trial and have justice take a swing at them.

Have a wonderful informed day 🙂




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