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Ideal Night Time Routine to Boost Your Morning Potential

Hello Peaches!

I’m back from my death sickness, and can actually function and be in sunlight. I’m going to share with you today my night routine and the connections it has to my great mornings!

  1. The first thing I do around 8pm is a beauty treatment. Whether it be some kind of mask, a bath, lotion, nails, etc. I’ve been using the Mega Greens mask by Glossier, and I love the way it detoxes my skin! Doing some kind of self care every night is essential to your next day confidence. Trust.IMG_1428.jpg
  2. By this time, I usually get some tea to wind me down. I plan out the day ahead (I usually include weather in there to know what to wear!). I also include blog post ideas and Instagram post ideas as well. This brainstorming the night before helps me post quality stuff the next day.IMG_1430.jpg
  3. Next, I plan my outfit and take out all the necessities and stack them up on my desk. This means I pick out my underwear and bra the night before and set them with my folded outfit. This conserves time for the morning if  you decide to sleep in just a tad.
  4. Finally, I read till I fall asleep. I’ve been reading ‘The V Book’ by Elizabeth Stewart. Its a book about vulvovaginal health. It’s important to know your body!IMG_1429.jpg

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