Fake It Till You Make It

This advice has resonated in me since middle school. While its probably not some awe-inspiring advice, let me tell you, it works. This is how I live my life and get great opportunities. Essentially, ‘pretending’ is what I do. I pretend to be who I want to be, but then I end up becoming that person in the process. I learned to be charismatic and extroverted in college because of this. I just pretended like I am, and then it became easier and easier to be that way, and I realized I didn’t have to pretend anymore.

It’s such an easy thing to do. This phrase I feel is just a common joke phrase, but I used it to my advantage and made it work for me. It helped me grow and still continues to do so. Using this phrase helped me become successful. I am not a creative director, but I’m going to pretend like I know what I’m doing till I actually become that. Some may say that it’s lying, but thats not the way to look at it. It’s only affecting you when you pretend. I fake being successful till I become successful. It has no impact on other’s lives, so you’re free to pretend away!

I was a very imaginative child. My father and I would take ‘magic carpet rides’ and pretend that we were flying. This was such a staple in my childhood. I feel that its a part of me, which is why this phrase struck a cord. If you want to change a part of you, pretend like you’ve already changed it, and then it will suddenly change! Trust.

Have a lovely day peaches and remember: fake it till you make it, boo.


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