“What’s in my bag?” Post

Well it’s that time of day again, time for another blog post! I am at work right now, which is where I write most of my blog posts. I decided on “whats in my bag” because I have so many essentials I bring to work with me. My main essential that I always have on my person would be my Glossier balm dotcom skin salve. I mostly use it on my lips, but it’s universal!


I mostly bring every journal I’m using at the moment to work. Why? Because I have virtually 8 hours of down time here, and I’ve gotta have something to do!


Here is a look at the inside of my bag. I keep my medicine and some Splenda in the tiny pocket on the side, and my laptop charger in the zipper pouch. The binder is my life binder, which I try to make time to improve every day. Next is my main planner, and then my journal. Then I have a blank notebook which I take notes on throughout the day, and a book. Wallet is next as well as some apples. The little pouch is where I keep all my pens, colored or otherwise. I also keep some lotion, washi tape, and my balm dotcom in here as well! As simple as this post is, it gets the job done. Maybe you got some inspiration from this or just enjoyed how damn cute this bag is. Either way, have a wonderful rest of your day!


4 thoughts on ““What’s in my bag?” Post

    1. Omg the balm is my favorite! I did a short review on it in the phase 1 review I did a couple days ago. It’s worth the money gal! I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram (@Subtlepeach) if you want to enter to try and win something from glossier!

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