adventure to minimalism

Once again, I feel overwhelmed with my living situation. I can’t wait to move out on my own and not have to deal with roommate madness. I just want it to be my cat and I in an airy beautiful apartment. Anyways, I feel that I just continually need to declutter my life. Whether it be my inbox (which is 10,000+ #crying), or my junk stashes that I don’t have the heart to get rid of (or go through). I’m deciding that a minimalistic lifestyle is probably for me.

Why? Well you know that feeling when your room is messy and your entire work day is off because you can’t stop thinking about how you want to clean it? Well that’s me all the time. I have to have a spotless house to have a zen attitude or I’m absolutely doomed. Cleaning up junk stashes is first, then email next. I’ve prepared to follow this minimalism challenge to finality. Today marks #1, defining my personal style. This one is very overwhelming for me, since I tend to dress on how I feel that day, which could be literally anything. I want a closet that looks like this: simple and airy.


Once I actually go through my own closet, I will definitely post pictures!


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