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Glossier Phase 1 Review: and a promo code!


Hello Peaches! So I finally obtained my Phase 1 kit from Glossier, and I have to say, its my favorite thing I own. I am going to review each product in the kit, and then the kit as a whole.

  1. The Milky Jelly Cleanser – I love the way this stuff smells. Its smooth, and goes on easily without making a mess. However, from a girl that wears tons of make up everyday, its not the best at taking it off in my opinion. The directions state that the cleanser should be applied to a dry face if the face has make up on it. I find that it doesn’t really feel like its all off completely. I guess thats the downside to a super gentle cleanser. It didn’t remove my waterproof mascara at all, which is fine, but I would prefer it did. All and all, if you’re looking for a gentle cleanser (great for mornings) that makes you feel refreshed and dewey, this is the one, boo.
  2. Priming Moisturizer – The moisture is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Its buildalbe, light, and makes you look dewey without being greasy. Super important! It smells delicious too. And of course, its good for your skin in every way. Props to glossier on this one!
  3. Balm Dotcom – best chapstick/anywhere balm in the world. I’m serious. It heals those pesky dry spots on your face that vaseline just doesn’t do the trick on. This is totally worth the money, and it lasts forever!
  4. Perfecting Skin Tint – I’m a little wishy washy over this one. If your face is super dry and sometimes breaks out like mine, just naturally, you might feel the same way. I usually use a full coverage foundation, so switching over to this product is a little hard for me. Its better for your skin though, because it has room to breathe. However, if you have really red skin, this isn’t going to cover for you, no matter how much you put on. The directions claim that its buildable, but I haven’t been able to achieve that. It’s great for summer days, and if you have clear, moisturized skin. If not, maybe this product isn’t for you.
  5. With the kit, I got two make up bags and a cute tote for free!

As a whole, I feel that this kit should be $60, not $80. Just my cheap opinion though. The products are good, but I can’t ‘marry them,’ so to speak. I will probably keep looking for another cleanser and foundation, but the other two products are our winners! If you want to order anything from glossier, just click here and get 20% using my promo code! I hope this review was helpful! ❤


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