National Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, so its time to break out the text books and review all the great women who helped innovate this country. The first female to run for president was a woman by the name of Victoria Woodhull. She was the leader of the woman’s suffrage movement as well.


I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it.”

What a badass. She actually got arrested a few days before for publishing an alleged affair between two upper class members. Even more of a badass if she could be one. Unfortunately, as we all know, she did not become president. But hopefully we will have a  candidate soon that empowers women to her fullest potential.

Next up is Jeannette Rankin. She was the first woman in congress. “I may be the first woman member of congress, but I won’t be the last.” Fun fact: she was the ONLY MEMBER OF CONGRESS to vote against war on Japan after Pearl Harbor. How terrifying.


These two women are definitely my new role models. Do some research for yourself on some women’s history, and I bet you will feel super inspired!



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