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The Ultimate Fashion Guide

Being able to put an outfit together without even thinking about it (and still looking bomb) is a skill, no doubt. So I’m going to give some tips and tricks to putting outfits together.

  1. Make sure its flattering! This is the most important part many miss. There are so many body types and clothes that flatter each of those body types. Make sure you know yours, so you know what to wear! Here is a comprehensive guide into finding out your body type.
  2. Once you’ve found your body type, colors are the next step. Having complementing colors and styles for your outfit can be tricky. For example, the right colors and textures of an outfit can provide a sort of continuity to an outfit. Say you’re wearing a nice black dress and are looking for something to cover your shoulders. Well a blazer of the right texture (similar to the dress), would do the trick!
  3. Accessorizing! This is what pulls your outfit together. I always go for watches, because I think they make everything look more put together. This is my go-to watch for literally almost every outfit I wear. Whether it be a sweater and leggings or an interview outfit.IMG_0984
  4. Hair and make up. Never over do it, thats my motto. I usually go for the classic winged eye liner and nude lip, but sometimes I can rock an awesome red lip too, with some light eye make up. Its always important to balance the eye and lip.
  5. The shoes and purse are the final piece to every outfit. I try to make my shoes and purse match when its a little more of a daring outfit. While as of right now, I only have like three purses (because I’m dabbling in minimalism)
  6. And thats all the tips I have for now! I might make another post like this soon, once I go shopping πŸ˜‰

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