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Afternoon in Saratoga: Love Is

Hey Peaches! Me and the bf ventured to Saratoga Springs on this bright March Sunday, and I got to thinking about love and such. So heres my take on it.


I think love is a sacrifice of safety. Love is powerful in that way. It can start wars and end wars. However, when you’re in a new relationship, everything seems possible. You just want to be the other person’s sole reliable contact. The fuzzies you get when you see them, kiss them, and see them smile won’t always be there. It comes and goes once you’ve been in a relationship for a while. When that fuzzy feeling fades, what is left? Does that mean its time to move on, or does it mean something more? I think it means something more than meets the eye (or feeling). When you can still be with a person, are committed to a person, and everything they do comes somewhere out of the love part of their heart, thats when things are serious. Love is powerful when each individual in the relationship can be alone just fine, but prefers the other person around. When both people are powerful and capable, they need each other to bring the greatness out in them.

Sometimes I think my boyfriend is silly as shit to see me smile, or at least thats what I hope. There are other aspects of our relationship that probably need working on. Things like me not feeling needed, but I’m not sure who’s problem that is. He has a tendency to feel trapped for no reason in relationships, so I try my hardest to be care-free and easy going when I’m around him, so he can ease up on the unnecessary anxiety. I try to care for him, give him physical intimacy in other ways than just sex, and thank him when thanks are needed. I appreciate who he is as a person: a hard worker, silly, kind, generous, and genuine. He likes the same things that I do, and that really helps us out. We got lucky in that aspect. Sometimes being together is hard, but I’m not giving up anytime soon. I will treat him like gold and make sure he knows he is loved (even though I don’t say it yet).


Who really knows what love is? Its probably different for everyone in the whole world. I’ve always wondered what feelings we all share,  or if every feeling feels different for each individual. Oh well.


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