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31 Day Blog Challenge: Phase 1

Hello Peaches!


So I am going to begin my 31 day blog challenge to get this blog started! I just transferred to WordPress yesterday from Weebly. It just seems like a better option. Anyways, the first topic of this challenge is an introduction (which will be more of a day in the life)! So lets get started.

A typical morning of mine. I roll out of bed groggy as fuck and make a path through my apartment, picking up last nights remanence, all the way to my Keurig. I actually hate this machine. Its my roommates, but she’s off on spring break right now. Wishing dearly that I had a regular ass coffee pot and a cigarette (since I stopped smoking), I make my one-cup of coffee. My mugs are large so it only fills up about half way. I add some cream and get settled at the dining room table.

This is where most of everything happens when I am home alone. The table is a blue between navy and bright, and right by the window. I search through my planner to find the day at hand and see what I have to have the energy to do today. If I have to venture out of the house (which usually happens on days off), I try to get out before 3pm. Thats usually when the traffic gets obnoxious around here so I plan to avoid it. Next, I look at my cleaning schedule, and today is Saturday which is an easy day on me. I love cleaning; it gives me a high of some sort when my house is freshly cleaned and tidy.

Finally, I get started on blogging. I woke up super late today, so this is not my usual routine. Usually, I tweak my appearance just a little, try to figure out what all the menus are, and continue with a blog post. Then I shower and get ready for the day, and hope that my blog gets hits! I will check and possibly write another post at the end of the day as well, but for now, thats a day-in-the-life of a newbie blogger right there!


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